Jeremy Baker

Changeable weather indeed. Now dappled sunlight and spring-green trees.

The weather in Wellington is so changeable in spring, its really hard to know what to wear. #mbnov

Actually taking the dive and ordering a MacBook Air M1 …

Our local craft beer bar, Golding’s Free Dive. I’d say it’s one of my favs. #mbnov

Dinner and a movie with my father, who would barely consider himself elderly #mbnov

Wet. The drought has broken.

May the Force be with you #mbnov

Farewell Alex Trebek - all round great entertainer and Canadian 🇨🇦 - who hosted many shows before he became the Jeopardy! icon.

“A country of possibilities”. Welcome back, America.

The ties that bind us are greater than the forces which seek to pull us apart #mbnov

Lovely evening

Bad Diaries, Verb Wellington, LitCrawl - truly wonderful#litcrawl #verbwellington #wellington #wellingtonnz #aotearoa #literature #poetry

This book pretty much is everything about me at the moment … #books #sheep #history #life #work #farming

NZ Parliamentary Library

Parliamentary trees

I haven’t had to inflate a rugby 🏉 ball in years. But I do remember playing rugby with New Zealand’s new Deputy Prime Minister as part of NZ’s first gay 🌈 rugby team :) #mbnov

It’s puzzling why so many people vote the way they do, all over the world #mbnov

It seems there is nothing some politicians will not stoop to, in order to retain power… #mbnov

I’m near to going to bed. What a day. #mbnov

Mist in the hills

It never ceases to astonish me how beautiful blossom in spring is #mbnov

Fresh growth

Walk through Central Park, Wellington, Aotearoa NZ.

Spring in the city

When it's like this outside, it's hard to concentrate on work... #mbnov


Community housing, Wellington City Council.

Delighted that this has been fully renovated.

Dia de Los Muertos, Hannah’s Laneway 2020

'Day of the Dead' could be a little deary, but not when it's like this... #mbnov