Jeremy Baker

Eva and Ash

Eva and Ash at Eva’s birthday dinnerIMG 9273

Van Gogh Alive

Went to see the Van Gogh Alive exhibition for Eva’s birthday.

IMG 9283

Bill, Mum, Eva & Katie

Just started reading: Alaric the Goth by Douglas Boin 📚

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Currently reading: Laughing Shall I Die by Tom Shippey 📚

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Currently reading: The making of the ancient Greek economy by Alain Bresson 📚

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So Strava’s subscription is going to treble?!?? Bye bye Strava !!!

Paul Melser dinner set

Delighted at our new dinner set made for us by Paul Melser. Really works fantastically with the new kitchen design.

Paul’s wonderful pottery is located on Norfolk Road towards Mount Holdsworth in the Tararua Range, Wairarapa, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Family photos in the Eketahuna cottage garden

Dad, me and Mum

Jenni, me and Mum

Mum & Jenni

Jenni and me

What a beautiful day!

He rangi ātaahua tēnei!

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The Children of Ash and Elm (Neil Price 2020)

Every now and then a history book comes along that helps you think about the past in entirely new ways.

This new history of the Vikings by Uppsala University archaeologist Neil Price does just that. 📚

See: Kirkus Reviews

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IMG 8916

Regency style in a warehouse loft setting

An eclectic but aligned mixture of styles sometimes just works...

IMG 8907

IMG 8909

Review of Piranesi - a novel by Susanna Clarke

This new novel by Susanna Clarke (author of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell), references (in multiple ways) the work of the Italian artist and architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi known for his etchings of “fictitious and atmospheric prisons” (Le Carceri d’Invenzione). It is a ‘realist fantasy’ that conjures up both internal and external ‘otherworldliness’ in a lyrical and ultimately tender tale of loss, forgetting, and remembering.

Themes of finding truth through madness, caring for the dead and the lost, and devotion to place and the world (or worlds), are balanced with examinations of narcissism, ‘transgression’ and deep and enduring malicious manipulation.

It is all the more remarkable that this is told through a tale with initially only one character, and ultimately only a very small number of additional participants. It is a short read, for as the puzzle unfolds, the story draws you rapidly along until its ultimate and satisfying conclusion.

Highly recommended. 📚

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Reviews and Links

Home Sweet Labyrinth: Susanna Clarke’s Mysterious ‘Piranesi’ Will Lock You In

The long-awaited followup to ’Jonathan Strange" is even more magically immersive

Thrilling to the magic inside the houses in ‘Piranesi’

Susanna Clarke’s infinitely clever ‘Piranesi’ is enough to make you appreciate life in quarantine

Piranesi Review: Susanna Clarke Turns to Modernist Magical Realism

Giovanni Piranesi

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Susanna Clarke's new novel - "Piranesi"

Fascinating new book 📚

Only just started reading it and it’s intriguing and delightful.

Full review and links

First season of lemons at Hokio

Hōkio lemons 🍋 - first real good season.

Wreck of the Hydrabad

Exposed elements of the wreck of the Hydrabad Waitarere Beach

Maritime Archeaology Association of NZ investigation

1956 photographs of the wreck

Bill visits the wreck of the Hydrabad

We went for a walk up the Hokio / Waitarere beach in search of the whale burial site, and couldn’t see anything, but visited the site of the Hydrabad wreck instead:

See Wreck of the Hydrabad

Snow on the Tararua Range

Snow on the mountains, visible from sunny Hōkio Beach

Sunny Wellington - Cuba Mall

Sunny Wellington, Cuba Mall. After several days of wind and rain, it’s delightfully sunny.

“The Making of the Middle Sea”

New book 📚- “The Making of the Middle Sea” A history of the Mediterranean from the beginning to the emergence of the Classical World. (Cyprian Broodbank, Oxford, 2013)

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Whale washes up dead on Hokio Beach

A large whale washed up dead on Hōkio Beach. Muaūpoko Iwi, as mana whenua, were responsible for ensuring the whale’s remains were treated according to tikanga. It is believed to have been Pygmy Blue Whale.

4 Sep 2020: Muaūpoko Iwi observe tikanga as dead whale washes up on Hōkio Beach

7 Sep 2020: Whale remains at Hōkio Beach too decomposed to find cause of death

Winter Pride @ Cardrona

Winter Pride @ Cardrona 🏳️‍🌈 ⛷️

Moonset over Queenstown

Up early to head to the slopes, and watch the moonset over the mountains in Queenstown #travel #skiing #queenstown #winterpridenz 🏳️‍🌈

Road Trip during Winter Pride NZ

Road trip! Queenstown to Cromwell via Arrowtown 🏳️‍🌈 #winterpridenz

Arrowtown Library

Arrowtown Library 📚 #library #books #heritage #otago #aotearoa #winterpridenz #travel

First day of Winter Pride 2020

Queenstown looking fabulous. Great to catch up with friends. #winterpridenz 🏳️‍🌈